How long do the extensions last?
Where does the hair come from?
Is it human hair?
Can you color it?
Can you iron, curl or blow-dry the hair?
What products can be used in the hair?
Can roots be retouched while the extensions are in the hair?
Can I reuse them?
How much do they cost?
How do I remove them?
What lengths are available?
Do you offer different textures?
How many come in a pack?
How many adhesive bands come in a pack?
How many packs does it take to do a full head?
Can I swim, exercise or go in the sauna?
How do I find a hairtalk hairdresser?
How much does a hair extension or thickening cost?
Can I colour hairtalk extensions or get a perm?
I have naturally wavy hair - can I also get curled extensions?
Can I make a ponytail or swept-up type hair-style with the hair extension?
Are the splices noticeable?
How long can the hair extensions be used, and/or how often do the hairtalk strands need to be reattached to the roots?
How often can hairtalk be reused?
What do I have to consider regarding care and everyday life of hairtalk extensions?
Why do my blond extensions suddenly appear reddish/greenish?